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T-Shirt Designs

Available styles & prices below

Fauna Fashion styles of clothing available for purchase

Click on the design to choose your style, size, & color

Cecropia Moth T-shirt

Cecropia Moth

(Hyalophora cecropia)

Polyphemus Moth T-shirt

Polyphemus Moth

(Antheraea polyphemus)

Rosy Maple Moth T-shirt

Rosy Maple Moth

(Dryocampa rubicunda)

Habrosyne Moth T-shirt

Habrosyne Moth

(Habrosyne scripta)

Pandora Sphinx Moth T-shirt

Pandora Sphinx

(Eumorpha pandorus)

Modest Sphinx T-shirt

Modest Sphinx

(Pachysphinx modesta)

Hologram Moth T-shirt

Hologram Moth

(Diachrysia balluca)

Large Tolype T-shirt

Large Tolype Moth

(Tolype velleda)

Harnessed Tiger Moth T-shirt

Harnessed Tiger Moth

(Apantesis phalerata)

Epione Underwing T-shirt

Epione Underwing

(Catocala epione)

Sweetheart Underwing T-shirt

Sweetheart Underwing

(Catocala amatrix)

Luna Moth T-shirt

Luna Moth

(Actias luna)

Luna Moth
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