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T-Shirt Designs

Available styles & prices below

Fauna Fashion clothing styles available for purchase

Click on the design to choose your style, size, & color

Green June Beetle T-shirt

Green June Beetle

(Cotinis nitida)

Rainbow Scarab Beetle T-shirt

Rainbow Scarab Beetle

(Phanaeus vindex)

Grapevine Beetle T-shirt

Grapevine Beetle

(Pelidnota punctata)

Eastern eyed click beetle T-shirt

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle 

(Alaus oculatus)

festive tiger beetle T-shirt

Festive Tiger Beetle

(Cicindela scutellaris unicolor)

Beach Tiger Beetle T-shirt

Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle

(Habroscelimorpha dorsalis)

Puritan Tiger Beetle T-shirt

Puritan Tiger Beetle

(Cicindela puritana)

Six-spotted Tiger Beetle T-shirt

Six-spotted Tiger Beetle

(Cicindela sexguttata)

Warrior Beetle T-shirt

Moderately Smooth Warrior Beetle

(Pasimachus sublaevis)

Stag Beetle T-shirt

Reddish-brown Stag Beetle

(Lucanus capreolus)

Reddish-brown Stag Beetle
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